Dizzi Dulcimer and friends at the BBC Upstaged Show at Millenium Square, Bristol, 25th Feb 2008.

Edited highlights of the Upstaged show are being shown on BBC3 at 9-45pm this Friday 29th February, so you can bet there's going to be some footage of Dizzi and Co.

View of the Upstaged performance area in Millenium Square .... Kelly and Zak sit quietly and listen as Dizzi, under very close scrutiny from the camera, plays one of her Dulcimer tunes.

Kelly, Zac and Dizzi again. Sorry about the reflections but the three of them are locked in a huge glass-fronted box for six hours while the performance goes on.

Dizzi pauses at the end of one of her many Dulcimer pieces which she played during the six hour 'gig', and she does the "Vote Now" sign with the Dulcimer hammers.

Zak, Dizzi and Kelly doing one of their exercise routines, which was part of their performance plan on the third day. Apologies to Kelly for the odd distortion caused by the glass panels.

Animated gif of Dizzi at the start of a dreamy Dulcimer tune.

Animated gif of Zak, Dizzi and Kelly doing one of the exercise pieces. They've just spottted some of the audience outside in Millenium Square joining in with them.

Photos and web-design by Trevor George