At the Prom - June 2008  At the Folk House - May 2008

Saturday 26th June 2008 - Jane Taylor performs her pre-Glastonbury gig at The Prom - Music - Bar - Cafe on Gloucester Road, Bristol

True to Glastonbury form it was hissing down outside while we were all snug and warm listening to Jane, with Robin accompanying her on Double-Bass. Bethany was already at Glastonbury supporting some other bands playing there.

Of all the images I took of Jane and Robin this one appealed to me 'cos of the lovely right-hand position after a strum, and a pause, as the guitar tone slowly died away and Jane carried on the sustained note.

A study in concentration as Robin and Jane hit notes-perfect

Who's a very happy lady then ? All's going well at The Prom with an appreciative audience.

View from near the Bar showing the audience all listening attentively . . . That's quite unusual at The Prom! . . . (as Tom Jones once said)

Another fave image of mine, with the stage-lights reflecting strongly on the Double-Bass and the Guitar.

And to finish the page a small animated gif (has to be small to keep the file-size down)

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