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Sun 30 March 2008. Mankala at Glastonbury 2008 New Talent Competition Finals

For the finals of this competition Mankala played in the Pilton Working Men's Club along with the other 12 finalists, 6 on Saturday and 6 on the Sunday. The judging panel included Radio One's Huw Stephens, Glastonbury's Michael Eavis, Emily Eavis and 'Q' editor Paul Rees. Each band were only allowed to play three numbers, but as soon as they started playing I could see the judges tapping hands and feet in enjoyment.

L to R are .. Sol ... Simwinji ... Omer ... Jason (drummer) ... Chris ... James ... Nick ... Sav

Mankala didn't 'win' the competition, but as a result of their appearance they've 'won' a spot on the Jazz World Stage at this year's Glastonbury 2008, and they have also 'won' lots of good publicity.

An impressive light show made it look like they were about to be "Beamed Up" by Scottie. Sol looks like he's first to disappear !!

Simwinji and Chris hit those long top notes as the show draws to a close.

Mankala's Myspace site is HERE if you've come here direct, where you can hear their music.

See Mankala's website at for more info.