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Friday 15th August 2008. Mankala playing at Queen Square

The "Colston Hall" stage in Queen Square started the evening very civilized with lots of deck-chairs at the front as the evening began, but once Mankala started to play the deck-chairs were moved to make way for the dancing folk who fairly rapidly moved forward to the stage.

It's 15 seconds into Mankala's first number and the dancing crowd are already there.

Many folk, especially at the front, danced away to Mankala's infectious rhythms. Would be nice to caption some of the foreground dancers. Anyone know who they are? email

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Mankala playing to a nice large and appreciative crowd on a fine evening, after several days of rain. it seems they always bring the sunshine with them. 

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Man of boundless energy 'Big Jeff' danced away non-stop for the 45 minute duration of the gig.