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Monday 3rd September 2007. Mankala playing at Temple Quay Square

This event was the last of a series of Summer Lunchtime Concerts organised by the Managing Agents of Temple Quay. The weather looked promising and it stayed alternately sunny / cloud for the duration of the gig.

Mankala's Myspace site is HERE if you've come to this page direct, where you can hear some of their music.

Left to right are ... Simwinji ... Omer ... Jason ... Sol ... Chris.

Omer's son Tai was sat around close to the band, sometimes dancing, and it was obvious that he wanted to be part of the band, so he got his opportunity towards the end of the session as they did a percussion number.

See Mankala's website at for more info.

Most people wanted to sit and chill to Mankala's sounds, while tucking into their lunchtime snacks, but their infectious rhythms  inevitably got some people up and dancing.

A view of the Temple Quay Square setting taken early on, before most people had come out to listen during their lunch-breaks. If you don't know where Temple Quay Square is, there is a link to a location map at the top of this page.