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Pete Roe and the band at the Golden Lion, Gloucester Road, Bristol, on Saturday 1st December 2007

1st December 2007, Pete playing solo to start the gig at the Golden Lion Pub on Gloucester Road, Bristol.

The Pete Roe band on the 'new' stage at the Golden Lion.

A happy band makes for a happy crowd . . . it's infectious !!

Pete on left, Drummer Andy Rogers, Guitarist Dave Archer and Double-Bass man is Dorian Sutton.

The adoring crowd at the Golden Lion. 'Tis a pity this is a still image, as there was lots of table-top and knees drumming in time to the beat, from the assembled audience.

. . . and just to finish off with ... a small animated gif of Pete on the keyboard.
Sorry for low-quality, but it's to keep the file-size minimized.

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