Click here to view some pictures taken at the Golden Lion Pub, Gloucester Road, Bristol.

Pete Roe has been a very busy fellow lately

28th October 2007, Pete playing recently at the Somerville Club St Andrews, Bristol for an OXJAM Fund-raising afternoon.

1st November, below at the Grain Barge on Hotwell Road. (it was formerly the Shoots Floating Restaurant)

View inside the 'Grain Barge', taken early on, before the crowds arrived.

Pete sings on the Grain Barge.

The Grain Barge stage setting.

4th Nov, below at the Coronation Tap at a Charitable event organised by John Fenlon, of the John Fenlon Blues Band.

While the John Fenlon Blues Band were taking a break Pete came on and wowed the audience with his songs.

Nicely crowded at the Coronation Tap as Pete croons to the ladies

For his last number Pete invited the guys from the band to join him and belted out one his normal 'quiet' songs as a good ol' Rock song .... and the crowds cheered ... more ... More ... MORE !!

Photos and web-design by Trevor George