The Cascade Steps stage on Saturday

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Phil King supported by Scott Hammond on drums, and Dave Johnston on Bass play to a packed crowd on the Cascade Steps stage at the Bristol Harbour Festival on Saturday 2nd August 2008 .... and yes, the sun does sometimes shine as brightly .... and yes, the sky is sometimes that blue, as in the bottom picture.

Hope these images bring back some pleasant memories to those who were there, and to those who weren't able to make it, just play Phil's music in the background, as you slowly scroll through the images.

Scott Hammond on Drums, while Phil King takes centre stage, and Dave Johnston on Bass Guitar. Phil happened to mention that Dave only rolls up his trousers when it's "really" summer, so that gives a clue as to just how hot it was.

Nice and easy does it.

.... and now for some energetic numbers. Phil belts it out, Scott joins in on the choruses, while at this point Dave has become fascinated by the dancing reflections he's creating in the rippling shallow water just in front of the stage.

View across to the mixing-desk

Nice attentive crowd enjoying the music, plus many more along the Harbourside behind. For those not in-the-know the steps where the crowd are sat are normally covered by running water, hence "Cascade Steps", and as you can see the water is turned off for the weekend, although it was so hot some of us wished it had been left on at a gentle trickle.

.... and another view with the lovely Harbour in the background.

.... and to prove the sky is blue in Bristol ... sometimes. As Phil's voice and the Band's music rang out over Bristol City Centre more and more people surged forward to watch and enjoy.

Web-page and images by Trevor George of Hotwells, Bristol.