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The Grain Barge stage on Sunday

Typical 'English' weather on the Sunday, as the "Forster King Band" play on the Grain Barge stage at the  Hotwells end of the Harbour. Again supported by Scott Hammond on drums, Ruth Hammond on keyboard, and James Forster on guitar. They stayed nice 'n cosy on their covered stage for the gig.

Hope these images likewise, bring back some pleasant memories to those who were there supporting the band in the rain and enjoying the music.

Ruth Hammond on Keyboard, Phil takes centre stage, Scott Hammond on drums and James Forster on Guitar. Notice that Ruth has her trousers rolled up this time, indicating it's still nice and warm.

Nicely timed moment for Phil to end a song on a long sustained note, as The Matthew sails by.

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Showing the location of the Grain Barge stage by the Harbourside. You can just see Phil's head above the blue umbrella. The white van had the huge mixing-desk inside, sensibly out of the rain. This picture taken from upper deck on the stern of th
e Grain Barge. Hover your mouse-cursor over this image and you'll discover links to other local websites.

... and now a nice gentle number, with the sound of the rain on the plastic roofing of the stage adding to the overall musical effect.

Such a contrast to the previous day's gig, but it goes to show that Phil has many dedicated fans, who will stay and listen despite being lashed by rain. I had to stand on the tailgate of the mixing-desk van to get this pic and to see over the sea of umbrellas. Lot's more people behind by the way!!

.... and after a while the rain did ease off a little ..... must be something to do with the magic in Phil's songs, and the music of the band of course!!

Web-page and images by Trevor George of Hotwells, Bristol.