The person that you knew as Anthony Matthews, who was a patient in Salisbury Hospital, was actually born with the name - Malcolm Anthony Kellar - on 2nd March 1942 in the Bristol area.

He used that name while being a Handyman / Builder / Property Developer in his twenties and thirties, while at the same time he was borrowing large sums of money from close trusted friends, amounting to around Two Million Pounds (and possibly more) for ''Guaranteed Returns Investments'' and using the cash to buy, then modernising large properties in Bristol, and then selling them on.

He changed his name to - Malcolm Bailey - in 1992 - 1993 (when he married Jennifer Bailey) while he was being pursued by a Finance Company over a 4 Million fraudulent loan on a property near Cheddar, and then almost overnight he went into hiding, moving from place-to-place and living in rented accommodation that he wouldn't tell his old friends where he was staying.

PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK to see the ''Independent Newspaper'' report about his 4 Miilion fraud -

Also this report below featured in the ''Bristol Evening Post'' in 2002.

He then changed his name to the third name - Anthony Matthews - when he started to feel uncomfortable about being caught by his newest creditors, and then secretly moved to the Salisbury area, and again he conned new friends and borrowed in 2015 - 2016 yet another 70,000 from other people who had no idea of his previous history. He also managed to obtain a 30,000 unsecured loan from Barclays Bank, but we cannot understand how he achieved this, unless he has shown Barclays Bank some fraudulent paperwork, which it seems he was also using to attempt to purchase properties in excess of Two Million Pounds.

After leaving Salisbury Hospital he once again went into hiding on 9th November 2016, and was moved to a Nursing Home in the Salisbury area, the whereabouts he told nobody to declare, even though he was very poorly and he was mostly bed-ridden. Fortunately by a little clever detective work in ringing all of the Nursing Homes in Salisbury found him on the 12th telephone call.
UPDATE: We have been notified that he has passed away at around 11.00pm on Thursday 22nd December at the Maristow House Nursing Home in Salisbury. He was then cremated on 13th Jan 2017 locally, but there was no service and absolutely nobody in attendance, as the Solicitors dealing with his estate discovered he had no assets, only liabilities on overdrawn accounts.

This information is to let people know who once trusted him, that he was a rogue and confidence trickster, even though outwardly he appeared to be a very kind person. He still owes hundreds of thousands of pounds to his kind friends who have helped him over the years, and right up to his death he constantly promised to repay it, but he never did.

Here he is below in the check shirt, aged around 35 with some of his family