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My recent conversion of a 20-inch-wheel - Donky Bike - to convert it to a compact Electric Cargo Bike. The 250 watt Electric front-wheel kit was purchased from - Cyclotricity - as I know their kits are reliable and excellent value-for-money, as I converted my GT Mountain Bike a couple of years ago, and also my Dog-scooter, and I have also helped others to fit Cyclotricity kits in Bristol.

This was the neatest place I could find to locate the CycloTricity battery on the frame of the Donky Bike, but it wasn't the easiest place to mount, as it's underslung, but I didn't want it above the crossbar, as it would reduce the ease of stepping-over for my wife and daughters when they use it, and would also make the bike a little top-heavy :) The control box is fitted in front of the steerer-tube, as I want to make a custom lockable 'carry-box' to fit in that triangle behind, to carry my sandwiches and the bike lock . . (oh . . and my prescription tablets to stop me doing even crazier conversions)

Because the Cyclotricity battery is underslung, it had to be supported with aluminium strips around the frame (which I will tidy up). Also on the bottom of the battery base-plate I fixed it to a long piece of 5mm ply which wraps around the sides of the crossbar, and is secured with cable-ties at this prototype stage, to prevent the heavy battery sliding down the sloping tube.

The original handlebars on the -Donky Bike - were 27 inches wide, which I felt uncomfortable with when riding on 'shared' paths, as my hands were stuck out wide. I've now fitted a pair of 20 inch wide ones (as I prefer riding with slim bars anyway) and that means on crowded shared-paths I can now ride through the narrow gap between lamp-posts and the road to bypass those walking and not inconvenience them. There's lots of convenient ''slim'' passing points like this around on the shared-paths in Bristol.

Loaded up and ready to hit the Charity Shops, which would previously been done in a petrol-driven vehicle. I'm even going to the Days Road Recycling Centre next time on this Donky Bike, as I attach two large recycling boxes to fit on the front and rear racks.

Here's the image taken just as I'm ready to ride to the Days Road Recycling Centre. I've simply strapped on two recycling boxes to fit on the front and rear racks. Very enjoyabe ride to the Recycling Centre from Hotwells, as most of the journey was on shared paths.

The Donky Bike can easily have brackets fitted to carry a child on the front, or the rear, or on both arms if required.