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This website was created by Trevor George of Hotwells, Bristol, mainly for Buskers in Bristol (UK) but the info may be useful to Buskers anywhere. This page gives links to some of the best Battery Powered Amps for Busking, easily available in the UK. These are not recommendations however, so please check at each listing which Buskers use which Amp.

AER model Compact Mobile (very expensive) - - PRICE - as used by world-famous Busker 'Estas Tonne' and can be clearly seen at the 1 min: 52 sec point in THIS VIDEO

Ashton 15 Watt Busking Amp - - PRICE - Powered by sealed Lead-acid battery. Has 12 Volt input.

Behringer Europort MPA40BT-PRO - (40 Watt) - - includes rechargeable battery-pack - PRICES

Crate TX15 (15 Watt) - - PRICE - Sam Warren previously used one of these in Bristol, and he was happy with it.

Crate TX50D 'Taxi' (50 Watt) - - internal sealed 12V lead-acid battery - PRICE - At least two of us in Bristol use one of these - 15-1/2"W x 13"H x 12"D - 32 lbs weight.

Fender Passport Mini - (7 Watts) - - PRICES

Hiwatt Maxwatt Busker Amp BSK158R - (15 Watt) - - PRICES - can charge from car cigarette lighter socket.

Kam Zoomer 800 - on wheels - (30 Watt) - - PRICE - aka the Pulse Trekker i300 which appears to be exactly the same, but is cheaper!

KEYBOARD Busking Amp - (30 Watt) - the Roland KC-110 - - PRICES

Laney (5 Watt) battery-powered Busking Amp - - PRICE

Laney AH4x4 (35 Watt) battery-powered (four speakers) - - PRICE - 6.5Kg

Laney again - Five battery powered amps listed -

Line 6 Micro Spider - (6 Watts) - - PRICES

MiniRig - - I've included this small speaker-unit, as I've seen it used by busking Hula-hoopers and the like, who just need a small unit to provide background ambience from an MP3 player - PRICES

Peavey Solo (10 Watt from Battery) Amp - - PRICE - as used by Pablo for his backing tracks to his non-amplified violin playing.

Peavey Nano Vypyr 'Grab & Go' Guitar Amp - Mainly a Guitar Amp with lots of effects, also has Mic input - (15 Watt) - - PRICES - Demo Video

Pignose 'Hog' Busker Amps - - PRICES - used by a percussive 'Tapping' 5-string Bass guitar player in Bristol, who loves it.

QTX QR12PA Battery PA on wheels (includes two wireless Mics) - - PRICE

Roland models (check they are battery powered) -

Roland Micro Cube - - PRICE - I've seen Omer Makessa using one of these.

Roland Mobile Cube - - PRICES - lightweight busking amp with inputs for instrument and mic - thinner than the Micro Cube, and can be carried in a briefcase-type bag - Video demo

Roland Cube Street - - PRICE - seems to be a favourite with several Bristol Buskers.

Roland Cube Street EX - which seems to be very well-specified - PRICES - a bigger and heavier version of the original Cube Street though, so check the 'Specs' info on both before ordering.

Roland AC-33 - (30 Watt) - - PRICE - uses 8 AA Batteries - A couple of the AC-33 Amps are used in Bristol, and I bought one myself from PMT in Bristol - Great Video demo of the AC-33 - and another - It's 12,9/16"W (318mm) x 8,13/16"D (223mm) x 9,5/8"H (243mm) - 10 lbs.6 oz (4.7 kg)

Roland BA-55 - (20 Watt) - will connect with wireless Micropones - - PRICE - uses 8 AA Batteries - Weight 9.0 kg / 19 lbs 14 oz.

Roland BA-330 - (30 Watt) - PRICE - uses 8 AA Batteries.

Samson Expedition Express - - PRICES - basic but solid busing amp with microphone included, but no effects PMT in Bristol have some in stock. 10 lbs weight. Samson also make other battery powered units shown HERE

Stagg Mob20 - (20 Watt) - Stagg Mob20 - PRICES - Weight 9.2 kg / 20.3 lbs

Vox Mini 5 - - PRICE

Google search (busking amps) -

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