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Bristol Buskers (UK)

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I teach beginners and improvers guitar (and singing if you wish) at £15 per hour, on a one-to-one basis and my lessons are tailored to my individual students interests in music.

I have an enhanced DBS (CRB) for teaching

Please call or text: 0781 061 3399 . . . Thanks . . . Trevor George, Hotwells Bristol.

Useful resources for students.

Should I buy a Nylon-strung or a Steel-strung guitar? Click -

Notes frequencies. The low "E" on a guitar (6th string open) is at 82.41 Hz (cycles per second) as shown at E2 here at

The lowest note of a Bass Guitar is 'E' at 41.2 Hz - The lowest note of a Piano is 'A' at 27.5 Hz - The lowest note of a Violin is 'G' at 195.998 Hz - "Middle 'C" is at 261.6 Hz - The 'tuning reference note is 'A' at 440 Hz which is equivalent to the 1st (thinnest) string of a Guitar fretted at the 5th fret in standard tuning.

What famous bands did with easy chords - the D - C - G change -

Drone sounds to play along to - www,